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Webinar 1

This webinar offers an overview of the roles and actions of the hormones of the somatotropic axis, such as growth hormone, prolactin, glucagon, and insulin. A dynamic presentation of global neuroendocrine function during the two loops of the general adaptation syndrome is also presented.

Webinar 2 : Only Quizz (no video)

This webinar includes a review and discussion of epistemology, the general definitions pertaining to the endobiogenic concept of terrain, and an  overview of the general functionality of the  hormones within the Corticotropic, Gonadotropic, Thyrotropic and Somatotropic axes. A dynamic presentation of the global neuroendocrine function during the two loops of the general adaptation syndrome is also presented.

Webinar 3

This webinar includes a review and discussion of how to take a patient history and perform a physical examination from an endobiogenic perspective, reflecting various neuroendocrine manifestations of an acute, chronic or constitutional nature. The webinar also contains an overview of the Biology of Functions (BoF) and discussion on how to corroborate the multiple  points of information obtained by the history, physical exam and BoF into a individualized assessment of terrain.

Webinar 4 

This webinar offers an overview of the various types of adaptation syndromes in response to internal and external stressors and demands  along with a brief discussion of the  neuroendocrine loops and buffering capacity as it pertains to adaptation capabilities.  In addition,  clinical therapeutics are presented with regards to endobiogenic treatment philosophy, medicinal plants, and examples of clinical rationale/indications  with case studies.

Webinar 5

This webinar includes a review of immunity and the factors influencing the terrain of  disregulated immune states along with  a general endobiogenic evaluation and clinical approach using situational case studies. In addition, an overview of the concepts symbiosis and dysbiosis with case studies demonstrating typical historical and physical findings and corresponding treatment options.

Webinar 6

This webinar includes a review of hepatic function and the etiology of insufficiency with case study examples and discussion of BoF indices implicated in its evaluation. In addition,  the general function of the pancreas,  its multitude of regulating factors and treatment options  are discussed using situational case studies

Webinar 9 (only video)

This webinar is a general review of both the Gonadotropic and Somatotropic axis with discussion of the general purposes of each, actions of  hormones, indexes modeling their activity, disorders associated, and treatments to address their derangements.  In addition, a case study of prostatitis is discussed.

Webinar 10 (only video)

This webinar provides an overview of the menstrual cycle and pathologies resulting from its dysendocrinism such as: PMS and Menorrhagia. An endobiogenic approach to acne is also presented. In all three disorders, case studies are used to demonstrate the pathophysiology from an endobiogenic perspective, patient presentation, exam findings, BoF indexes related to their terrain and targeted treatments are all discussed.

Webinar 11 (only video)

This webinar offers an overview of the factors involved in bowel motricity and disorders of the intestinal tract. Discussion of the physiologic roles and dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, digestive organs, emunctories, BoF indices related to a terrain favoring diseases of the GI tract, and treatments. Included are case studies involving indigestion, stool changes and detailed Crohn’s disease cases.

Webinar 12 (only video)

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