Conference “Lyme disease and Autism spectrum disorders: holistic approach and complementary therapy”



Dr. Jodie A. Dashore (USA), an internationally recognized physician,research scientist, mentor and book author.
Dr. J. A. Dashore is highly specialized in the German biological and holistic treatment of children with Autism comorbid with tick-borne diseases, mold and biotoxin illness, and using cutting- edge technology with all natural methodology. She works with children and adults from across the USA and abroad who suffer from Autism, Lyme Disease, PANDAS, IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune Disease, Endocrine and hormone imbalances, Methylation concerns, Cancer and chronic disease.
She has recently been named TopDoc 2016-17 Leading Physician of the World in the field of Natural Medicine and Neurology. Dr. J. A. Dashore is also Board Certified in Holistic and Energy Medicine, German Biological medicines, Homotoxicology and Clinical Herbalism, having trained in the UK, Switzerland, and Germany. Dr. J. A. Dashore uses natural, advanced, and organoleptic methods in her practice and applies Stephen Buhner’s plant protocols in Lyme disease treatment.
Stephen Harrod Buhner is the award-winning author of twenty-one books on herbal medicine, depth understanding of Gaian functioning and plant ecology, and the nature of meaning in language. He is a fellow of Schumacher College. For over thirty years, Stephen taught throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Successfully treating patients with Lyme disease with medicinal herbs, he developed plant protocols to enable more doctors, phytotherapists and patients to apply his methodology.

Ramunė Šepetienė, MD, PhD
Laboratory Medicine Doctor at Laboratory of Molecular Cardiology, Institute of Cardiology,
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, having more than 15 years of clinical work experience in immunology, hematology and cardiology genetics.

Laima Mikulėnaitė, Pediatric Neurologist – Social Pediatrician
Professor in Vilnius University Medicine Faculty Rehabilitation, Physical and Sports Medicine Department, member of the Board of the Lithuanian Community for people with intellectual disabilities „Viltis“, member of the Board of the Lithuanian Children‘s Neurological Association, member of the International Society of Early Intervention and member of the Lithuanian Society of Social Pediatrics.

Danielius Serapinas, MD, Professor
Clinic InMedica physician geneticist, Professor at the Department of Biolaw at Mykolas Romeris University. Announced over 100 scientific articles. Co-author of the monograph „Medicine, ethics and law about human before birth“. Member of the European Society of Human Genetics and the European Society of Teratologists. Representative in Lithuania of Alpha-1 Global Society for Rare Diseases, investigating patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.

Eglė Gudelienė, psychologist

A psychologist with a Master‘s degree in psychology and 18 years of practical work experience. Since 2004, Egle has been conducting seminars, lectures, discussions on various topics and is currently a member of the board of the Association of Children and Young People Psychologists, a consultant for international programs „Zippy‘s Friends“ and „Apple‘s Friends“.

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Course Curriculum

Lyme disease and PANDAS syndrome
Lyme disease 1 01:20:00
Lyme disease 2 01:40:00
Lyme disease 3 01:50:00
Lyme disease 4 01:00:00
Lyme disease 5 – lecture of dr. Ramunė Šepetienė 01:10:00
Autism spectrum disorders
Autism spectrum disorders 1 01:28:00
Autism spectrum disorders 2 02:00:00
Autism spectrum disorders 3 01:20:00
Autism spectrum disorders 4 – lecture of dr. Laima Mikulėnaitė 01:04:00
Autism spectrum disorders 5 – lecture of prof. dr. Danielius Serapinas 01:01:00
Autism spectrum disorders 6 – lecture of psychologist Eglė Gudelienė 00:55:00
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