8th Seminar (June 2017)


Seminar 8 (June 2017)
Glucose Regulation
Disorders of Glucose regulation
Dysthymic disorders: Depression

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Course Curriculum

Glucose regulation
Introduction of Glucose 00:13:00
Mobilization of Glucose 00:05:00
Demand for Glucose 00:06:00
Distribution of Glucose 00:20:00
Delivery of Glucose 00:06:00
Utilization of Glucose 00:02:00
Metabolism of Glucose 00:15:00
Congestion and Ischemia 00:10:00
Mechanisms of adaptive metabolism 00:20:00
Review of BOF Indices related to Redox and Cellular respiration 00:14:00
Disorders of Glucose metabolism
Introduction of Disorders of Glucose metabolism 00:02:00
Hyperglycemia: Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: Exocrine Pancreatic origin 00:07:00
DM2A: Excessive Insulin Resistance 00:50:00
DM2A: Medicinal plants 00:11:00
Case study #1: New onset DM2a in a 53 year old homemaker 00:17:00
Diabetes Mellitus 2B: Insufficient Insulin Resistance 00:15:00
Case study: 72 year old man diagnosed as “pre-diabetic” 00:11:00
Diabetes Mellitus 2C: Mitochondrial-induced insulin resistance 00:08:00
Case study: Diabetes Mellitus 2C
Case study: Diabetes Mellitus 2C (History) 00:05:00
Pre-Critical terrain 00:12:00
Endobiogenic treatment 00:07:00
Questions 00:09:00
Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer’s Disease (intro) 00:12:00
Alzheimer’s Disease (Part I) 00:33:00
Alzheimer’s Disease (Part II) 00:33:00
Alzheimer’s Disease: Effects, Clinical and Diagnosis 00:06:00
Alzheimer’s Disease: Bof and treatment 00:45:00
Depression : Introduction 00:10:00
Historical and Physiologic considerations of key terms 00:10:00
Overview of depression 00:10:00
Pre-Critical terrain 00:08:00
Brief review of Para and Serotonin 00:08:00
Brief discussion 00:03:00
Peripheral Depression 00:12:00
Peripheral depression: Clinical Assessment 00:03:00
Symptomatic approach: Serotonin 00:12:00
Peripheral Depression: Treatment of the Terrain 00:13:00
Application of Therapeutic. Choices for Peripheral Depression 00:06:00
Case studies in Peripheral Depression 00:04:00
Insufficiency of Glucose Regulation : Hypoglycemia 00:45:00
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