7th Seminar (March 2017)


Seventh seminar (March 2017)
Motricity of the GI tract
Disorders of Motricity: Diarrhea and Constipation
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
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Course Curriculum

Motricity of the Intestinal Tract
Introduction 00:25:00
Walls of Digestive Tract 00:06:00
Histological Aspects of Digestive Tract 00:05:00
Enteric Nervous System (ENS) 00:05:00
Autonomic Nervous System and the Enteric Nervous System 00:17:00
Stages of Digestion 00:10:00
Functional Pairing: ANS-Salivary glands 00:22:00
Gastric phase 00:06:00
Small intestines: Functional considerations 00:09:00
Role of annexal glands of intestinal tract 00:09:00
Factors of intestinal absorption 00:18:00
Colon 00:12:00
Disorders of Motricity: Diarrhea and Constipation
Disorders of intestinal transit: Intro 00:01:00
Disorders of rapid transit: Diarrhea: overview 00:04:00
Secretory Diarrhea 00:32:00
Malabsorption Diarrhea 00:14:00
Rapid Transit Diarrhea 00:05:00
Disorders of delayed or dysfunctional transit: Constipation 00:03:00
Normal Transit Constipation (NTC) 00:22:00
Slow Transit Constipation 00:27:00
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Introduction 00:05:00
General considerations 00:04:00
Crohn’s disease (CD) 01:20:00
CD: Clinical exam 00:04:00
CD: Treatment 00:26:00
Case of Crohn’s desease 00:30:00
Ulcerative Colitis (UC) 00:24:00
Case study in acute management of Ulcerative Colitis 00:30:00
Acne: Disorders of luteal management of androgens
Acne: Introduction 00:11:00
Skin physiology and pathophysiology 00:30:00
Acne: Treatment 00:10:00
Case study: Acne
Case Study: Acne 00:00:00
Case study: 14 year old girl with acne of face x 6 months 00:23:00
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