5th Seminar (September 2016)


Fifth seminar (September 2016)
Allergies, asthma, infectious diseases and chronic prostatitis

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Only people who have attended to this seminar can take this course.

Course Curriculum

A brief review of Immunity
Tissues and organs of immunity 00:06:00
Synthesis of elements of immunity 00:05:00
Functioning of immunity 00:03:00
Review of Catabolic axes and Immune Function 00:05:00
Special role of congestion 00:11:00
Implications of immune balance and imbalance 00:08:00
Infection Disorders: 
ENT and lower airways
IntroFREE 00:08:00
Ear, nose and sinus disorders 00:24:00
Sinusitis 00:23:00
Tonsillitis 00:19:00
Otitis Media 00:10:00
Bronchitis 00:22:00
Allergic Disorders
Allergic disorders : introFREE 00:16:00
Type 1 allergies : IGE MEDIATED HYPERSENSITIVITY 00:32:00
Eczema 00:36:00
Treatment of Eczema 00:19:00
Vignette #2: Chronic, Worsening Eczema 00:10:00
Vignette #1: Re-emergence of Eczema 00:22:00
Asthma: A Global System Approach to diagnosis and treatment
Overview of Asthma 00:07:00
Thoraco-pulmonary unit: teleology, structure, function 00:09:00
Lung as emunctory 00:03:00
Endobiogenic approach to asthma phenotyping 00:04:00
Endobiogenic approach to extrinsic (allergic) Asthma 00:17:00
Extrinsic Asthma: Agent and Response 00:20:00
Long term complications of asthma 00:02:00
Extrinsic Asthma: Clinical exam, Physical exam, Investigations and BoF 00:30:00
Treatment of external asthma
Treatment of external asthma 00:20:00
Eucalyptus 00:04:00
Thymus 00:09:00
General Allergic Prevention 00:13:00
Extrinsic Asthma: Secondary treatments 00:03:00
Extrinsic Asthma: exemples 00:03:00
Practice with patient 02:00:00
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